Father of a broken Angel


Welcome! Father of a broken Angel is our upcoming documentary film. In this film we have told “What is it for a man to have a fully handicapted child? What he learns from him, how he transforms himself from a sharp businnesman to a compassionate advisor for the families with handicapted children. At the end he puts his experience and love for his child to a theater piece to reach out more fathers.

Father of A Broken Angel tells you this very common and also very personal story of many people from the fathers side.

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Mark Wijnen is Jaspers father. He used to be a salesman in a German cable factory. In 2008 he started to work as advisor for the families with handicapted family members. At the moment he is working in several social projects.

Dhiney Ramos is documentary maker and urban designer from Amsterdam with Brazilian roots. Father of A Broken Angel is his first feature length documentary made with high-tech equipment.


  • Full HD 1080×1920, Stereo, Cinemascope, 90 minutes
  • Sony Z150 e 4K, Avid

Original Language

  • Dutch


  • Vader van Een Kapotte Engel


  • Father of A Broken Angel

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